Hello world!

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a really long time now and since the time is upon me that I’ve recently graduated art school, have more time on my hands, and have created my first pattern (exciting!), I thought I’d finally sit down and work on it.

So, I’d just like to start by saying, Hello World! Thanks for stopping by and being a part of this experience with me. Quilting is a very big passion of mine and this is going to be my new place to share ideas I have, opinions on certain topics, display some of the work I’m doing, discuss patterns and all the other great things that quilting has to offer. I’d like to share and explore this all with you! So thanks for being a part of this with me.

If you didn’t already read in the About Me section, I am 23 years old and have been surrounded by quilting my entire life. My grandmother owned a shop in Grass Valley, CA when I was younger and taught me the craft at a young age. I have since then, worked at a quilt shop from the age of 16 til present. My grandmother, my amazing coworkers, and all of our customers at the shop are the reason I’ve completely submersed myself in quilting. I owe all my knowledge and inspiration to them…

I recently started a book called The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs and in the first couple pages, she really nailed why quilting is so meaningful and inspiring. I’d like to share those couple paragraphs here today as a welcome:

“A quilt is an object of peculiar intimacy. By virtue of the way it is created, every inch of the fabric is touched. Each scrap absorbs the quilter’s scent and the invisible oils of her skin, the smell of her household and, thanks to the constant pinning and stitching, her blood in the tiniest of quantities. And tears, though she might be loath to admit it. … Everything about quilting suits me, an occupation for hands and heart and imagination.”

“People are never in a hurry in a fabric shop. They browse. They talk about their projects, giving you a glimpse of their lives. The shop is a natural gathering place for women. The people I’ve met there through the years have become my friends. Customers and staff members stand around the cutting tables to discuss projects, give demonstrations and workshops, offer advice on everything from quilting techniques to child rearing to marriage.”

These two paragraphs sum it up for me. The physical creation of a quilt and my experience of working for 7 years at the shop lie in the words of those two paragraphs. A quilt is creativity, love, and passion — something to be cherished for years and years to come. A treasure of sorts. The craft is also an experience. Its the journey of picking out the pattern, finding the right fabrics to make the idea a reality. It’s meeting other women, bouncing ideas off each other, finding a new technique you didn’t know before and practicing the craft.

I’m so grateful and thankful to have been surrounded by this tradition and am looking forward to sharing my journey of quilting with you all in this blog.

Until next time, Happy Quilting. :)


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