Busy, busy, busy..

Hey All,

I know I said I was going to try to get better at this, so here I am. Yes, I’m setting time aside from all the craziness going on right now to update you with the goodies I have in store.

As you may have already known, I went to school for Web Design and Interactive Media and have been making promises to many close friends (but mostly myself) to fix up my SarahRose Quilts website and alas, I have done so. Many long hours and three viewings of the movie “Easy A” later (I just love Emma Stone) and it’s finished!
It’s new facelift can be viewed at: www.sarahrosequilts.com.
I’m so very proud, it’s been a test of everything I’ve learned at school and combined with my passion of quilting, I am really very proud to share it with all of you.


Along with recreating my website I’ve been on a new journey of pattern making. That’s right!! I’m officially a quilt pattern designer! I have a couple patterns out so far and am in the middle of coming out with another two really cute applique quilts.

The two quilts I have out so far are:
Sash ‘Em – A fun beginners quilt that shows how simple sashing around panel blocks and appliqueing a little something in the center can really make a very cute baby quilt.
Lily’s Ladybugs – A really cute ladybug quilt — inspired by my long time friend (and greatest boss/second mother in the world – Paula at the Granary) and her love for the little love bugs — this pattern will show you how to make two simple blocks that together with a little applique for antennae and wing dividers make the cutest little ladybugs you ever did see. Ten inch squares can be used to make the bodies of the bugs, so take out those large scraps or layer cakes and create a variety of ladybugs for that special love bug in your life!

My patterns are currently on sale at The Granary quilt shop in Sunnyvale, CA (pictured below with pre-cut 10″ squares) and on my Etsy store.
You can also download a PDF (digital file only) copy of the pattern from PatternSpot.com. Here’s my link: SarahRose Quilts at PatternSpot.com.

Lily's Ladybugs Quilt

The next two patterns (or three, really) I have on the horizon are an applique robot quilt, a donut quilt – for all those of you with a sweet tooth, as well as these cute little guys!

Owl Block
Owl Block for newest Owl Pattern -- Coming Soon!

Owls are the newest craze and I’ve been asked by several friends to come out with a pattern of my own. And since I call myself a “night owl” anyway, it would only be fitting to make one. :) I’m currently piecing and appliqueing all these little suckers together and the pattern should be out by mid July (or sooner!) So keep checkin’ back in here or on my website for more info!

That’s all for me — I think I covered everything! Haha! I promise I will be getting better at this blogging thing. I DO like to talk a lot so it shouldn’t really be an issue..it’s just fitting it into the craziness I need to be better about. Anyway, until next time…

Keep quilting & if I may quote Lobster Todd of Easy A,”Stay excellent”!


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