Feeling Refreshed

Hey all!

Ohh, its soooo good to be back! I love going on vacation but it’s really nice to be in my comfy place too. Home — there’s just nothing like it. :)

I just got back yesterday afternoon/early evening from traveling to Vancouver, Canada, followed by Victoria, Canada, and then finally Seattle, WA. It was an amazing trip. Absolutely a dream, and so much fun to share it with my family. Even at 23 I still immensely love traveling with my parents and sibling(s).

4/5ths of my crazy family. L to R: My dad, myself, my younger sister Alyssa, and my mom at Softball City near Vancouver, BC, CAN

We always laugh..and act crazy and have such a good time. I know as I get older too that these chances aren’t going to come as often as when I was a child. I’ve got to cherish them while I can. :)

Anyway, I got back yesterday and was instantly flooded with a bunch of stuff I need to get done now that I’m back. I had about a million emails, a reorder of patterns at the shop (yay!! thank you all!), AND…my first ONLINE order from Etsy. :) This whole pattern designing thing has been a really great, new experience.

Our trip was a blast and as usual I made sure that I located the local shops wherever we were. As long as they were “on route” to our next stop, my parents were okay with letting me take the detour.

The first chance I got to actually go to a shop was in Victoria, British Columbia to a nice little shop called Satin Moon Quilts. It was a cute little shop that reminded me of home. Warm, and full of sample quilts and bright fabrics. I met a very nice lady working there and we talked for a while about everything quilting — including the price of fabric per yard in Canada — OUCH! :/ I still managed to load up on a few things though. Even bought a pattern by an Australian Designer who’s stuff I’ve always loved looking at online, but never found in any other shops.

My mom also bought me this cute little chicken pin cushion! (I collect pin cushions when I’m visiting other shops out of state.) :) Isn’t it cute? A local lady (or co-worker – I can’t remember) makes them and sells them at the shop.

The second shop I stopped at was a smaller shop, still in Victoria but more on the outskirts of town rather than right in the downtown area. It was small, but BOY! was it filled with fabric. Tons and tons of fabric! Any quilter’s dream. A majority of the fabric were batiks and more batiks than I’d ever seen in my life! (And I thought we had a lot at our shop!) It was actually really fun to look through all of them. I made sure to pick up a couple that I just loved and hadn’t really seen the style of before.

The last stop on our vacation was Seattle, Washington. After spending an afternoon taking The Duck Tour of the area (highly recommend it if you’re visiting the area) and walking around Pike’s Place Market we finally were able to stop at the quilt store. Under Cover Quilts was another relatively smaller shop, but like the others, wasn’t lacking in inspirational things. Lots of fun quilt samples, fabric, kits, and patterns. They had a really cute Seattle fabric print with all of their sort of landmark things on it that I made sure to pick up a piece of! The shop had a lot of similar patterns that we carry at The Granary and additionally — lots and lots of bag patterns.


The vacation was a memorable one. I’m especially glad I was able to make it to a majority of the shops I’d wanted to stop at and really happy with the few gems I brought back with me. I definitely look forward to visiting those shops again in the future if I’m ever back in the area — and lets hope I am. It was a great trip and I’m feeling refreshed..but its also good to be home. <3


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