It’s time

This afternoon, while attending a rather unfortunate event of a friend’s, I had an epiphany that I don’t know how I hadn’t had earlier. Surrounded by some of the most important people in my life it took me this afternoon to figure out, it’s time. I’ll explain…

The event was a celebration of life for a family member of a long time friend and co-worker. Congregating in groups, I was glad to be surrounded by mostly familiar faces — the ladies from the shop I work at, a couple customers, and one very well known quilter in the industry. The quilters of the crowd gathered together, our common bond not only being the friend we were all there to support but also our passion for quilting.

So there I am, rubbing elbows with this VIP quilter, (more like just standing there a little creepily, I’m sure. I’m one of those unlucky people who can’t get it through my head that they’re just a normal person…) watching on as my loving boss talked up this VIP’s ear about my skills and passion for design and quilting, when she looks at me and says, “Why haven’t you done anything about this?” At a loss for words I seem to finally mumble out, “I know, I have to.” To which she responds, “NO! You will!!” And it suddenly dawned on me….

Standing in this room surrounded by faces of friends who’ve supported me through everything I’ve been through in the last eight years of my life in this industry, I thought — I don’t need this quilter to tell me this! Though it’s nice to get motivation from such a successful business woman who has made it in this industry — my parents, my co-workers, my friends — they’ve all been telling me this the whole time! The time is NOW! So, this is it. I’m committing. I’m committing to this blog like it’s my job. Because I want it to be. My heart has always been here — and always will be with this industry.

I’ve always been a dreamer. And I’ve always been a person who isn’t going to sacrifice my happiness to just get by in life. If I want this — and boy do I want this — then this has to be the time. Because if I keep putting this off, I AM sacrificing my happiness.

So, I’m making a list, organizing my thoughts on paper, and gearing up to show you guys a bunch of new stuff. I’m hoping that all of you are willing to come along for the ride. For those of you who have been here previously, thanks for sticking by me. It’s been a long last few months transitioning from being a graduate to working full time at my current internship. I’m still putting all my unique pattern ideas on paper — and am in the process of finishing up one at this very moment.

More to come soon my lovely quilter friends!! Thanks for being my continued motivation.

Until next time, happy quilting!


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