Day Trip to Petaluma

Every now and then, when everyone in the family finds that they have a day off, we like to skip town. We pick a place…and just drive.

Native Californians, my parents were born and raised in the Silicon Valley. My siblings and I were also born and raised here as well. We are proud to be from this little valley, but once and a while we like to get out and explore.

So, today we decided on Petaluma. Why Petaluma you ask? (I asked myself the same question when I heard the idea too.) Firstly, I was told my grandfather on my dad’s side grew up there. Secondly, we looked on their website and it seemed charming with a little river running through the center of town and it looked like it had a historical downtown area — perfect for a nice afternoon of walking around and doing a little sightseeing.

As always, my motives for skipping town weren’t quite the same. I bet you could guess what they were…

Quilted Angel Quilt Shop Petaluma, CA

You guessed it!! A quilt shop.

This is the Quilted Angel of Petaluma, CA. Upon arriving (without knowing anything of the shop) I thought it was going to be quite small. It was on the corner of a small side street in a place that looked like it was a little out of the way. But boy were my first impressions wrong! Walking into this shop, it was filled to the brim with fabric. Aisles and aisle of fabrics. They carry everything from Batiks to Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett. From Civil War and Thirties Reproductions to any novelty piece you could ever want. You could imagine the timeline I told my father shifting from “We’ll only be here a few minutes..don’t worry!” to “You better go find a nice restaurant or bar to hang out at. This might be a while.” Haha!

He was very patient though. As were my mother and my sister as they are both not quilters either, but have a better tolerance for long hours searching quilt stores for fabric. It took me three loops(!!!) around the store to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. I stocked up on unique prints I had either never seen before or only seen online.

One very unique piece I picked up was a toile fabric that, at first glance looked like it had Victorian era dressed people, but were actually Victorian dressed skeletons. I know it sounds weird, but it was beautifully creepy? (There’s such a thing right?!)

I also found a couple books I had seen before, but apparently overlooked previously. (It’s amazing what a sample at a quilt shop can do for a pattern or book!) The book Scrap Basket Sensations has many great patterns in it, but the Over and Under pattern from this book in particular I saw made up at this store had me drooling. The other couple samples that caught my eye at their shop came from the book Two Quilts From One Jelly RollOverall, the stop at the quilt shop was well worth the drive in and of itself. The town of Petaluma was a little less exciting than anticipated, but still a very quaint and cute town with many pretty Victorian style homes we had fun admiring.

The rest of our day trip consisted of a drive out to Point Reyes to see the beach. It was a long (very long) windy road. After 40 minutes of driving and not seeing anything more than a couple cow pastures (the most green pastures I’ve ever seen!) and a couple marshy fields, my family was joking we’d never make it to the end of this road. Finally at about an hour drive out we finally found a sign to take us to a beach. To our disappointment (and quite frankly our grumbling stomaches) we gave up going any further down the road.

Though we only stayed at the beach long enough to snap a couple pictures, the ride back to any sort of suburb or nearby city was definitely worth it. If you’ve never played Hasbro’s Catch Phrase, you’re missing out! To distract our hungry thoughts, we whipped out Catch Phrase and played it the whole 60 minute drive back into the city. The game generates a random word or phrase for the player and their job is to tell you whatever they can about this word or phrase without actually saying it. The stuff your brain comes up with to associate words is actually more fun than guessing the word or phrase correctly! I’ve realized my sister’s associations with words is the funniest. She brought me to tears and hyperventilation trying to come up with ways to explain her word or phrase. I’m still puzzled though…Please tell me, how do you describe the word “Gobbledegook”? Haha!

This trip will be forever in heart and mind. It was filled with laughter and fun had by all. And in addition to all of that, I am walking away with yet another quilt shop checked off my list and a bag filled with goodies. <3

Here’s a few pictures of our trip:

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2 thoughts on “Day Trip to Petaluma

  1. I have lately gotten in the habit of visiting quilt shops and keeping their business cards. It has been fun so far. Hard to keep a specific amount to spend when I visit!! I just want to buy everything I see!!! – Thanks for sharing. I will have to visit Petaluma next trip.

  2. I love your idea of grabbing a business card! Would make such a great addition to a scrap book or just a catalog of places you’ve been. And what a brave soul you are to put a limit on your spending. Wish I had the will power for that! :)

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