Are you on Pinterest?

Okay, so there’s a buzz going around the internet about Pinterest. If you don’t know what it’s all about, let me explain…


Pinterest is a website where people can go and “pin” their interests to a virtual pinboard. You can tag anything, anywhere on the internet, or even upload your own images to share with people. The website created a special button you simply drag into your bookmark toolbar and it enables you to search any website and pin anything that catches your interest. What’s nice is that you can create as many pinboards as you like. So if you see a recipe you just have to remember to make from say,, you can simply click the “pin it” button in your toolbar, choose your pinboard to post it to, and voila! You’ve created your own pin!

Or maybe you’re on your all time favorite blog, and they’ve shared a really cool tutorial on how to turn your old shirt into a cute throw pillow (spoiler alert?! hmmm…), you can click that “pin it” button and you can pin it to your, “Things I HAVE to make” pinboard. You can name your pinboards whatever you want. I have pinboards for everything from Things to Make – Quilting to Fluffy Things <3 and many many more.

There are so many great ideas being pinned everyday! The best part is, if done correctly, these pins will take you to the direct source. Meaning, if you click on your pin you’ve just finished pinning, it should take your right back to that very website to show you where the picture/pin came from. When people pin things, they can categorize them to make it easier for other “pinners” to search for and find pins similar to their own interest. You can repin others’ great ideas and it makes finding new projects and ideas fun and easy!

I can’t tell you how many hours a day I spend searching the DIY and Crafts section of Pinterest. I find the best part of the experience is it’s a great resource for finding somewhat obscure, yet wonderful blogs out there. People are just so darn creative — it’s a great place for inspiration.

If you want to follow me (because you can also follow people and/or specific pinboards) you can find me at,

Read more about Pinterest here and request an invite today!

I’m warning you…it’s a bit addicting once you’ve gotten the hang of it. :)
Happy quilting pinning friends!


2 thoughts on “Are you on Pinterest?

    1. Haha! Great Jody!! :) We need more quilters on there to help generate ideas and links to more projects, samples, and other fun stuff people find on the internet. Let me know if you need an invite or if you’ve gotten one already.

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