Monterey Day Trip

I know, I know!!! Don’t you dare say it!! I can hardly live with myself these days because of how absent I’ve been around here again. (Booo!) But I realized I never got to share about the absolutely lovely day trip up to Monterey I took with my family…

Two weeks ago my little sister (a junior in high school..yeah, not so little….) had her spring break. Desperate to not waste her entire vacation sitting around the house and hanging out around town, we decided as a family to take one of our many fun family day trips. This time we chose Monterey. It’s one of my parent’s favorite places and we hadn’t been in a while. (We also kinda REALLLY wanted to see the cool jellyfish exhibit they have going at the aquarium up there right now too…) So we got up early and drove out to the bay.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day and can I just say, I will never get tired of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. That place is awesome. If you live in the area and you’ve never been…I highly recommend it. Seriously. Go. And go soon! That jellyfish exhibit was awesome! They normally have jellyfish but they had a special exhibit and those beautifully colored jellyfish were so inspiring. Take a look!

My favorite jellyfish at the exhibit. So pretty…

And if you know me, you’ll understand why I also LOVVEEEDD the awesome “draw your own jellyfish” “Draw-a-Jelly” interactive room. As a web designer (and interactive media designer) I was totally impressed. This kind of thing is what I aspire to do with my web knowledge. And this was the most fun I’ve had at a museum/aquarium in a long time. Basically, you walked into a room with maybe six little tables with screens on them and a huge wall of screens that look like a jellyfish tank. (At first glance…I couldn’t tell it wasn’t real!!) The prompt on the screen asks you to draw your own jellyfish and after you are done drawing your little buddy, to set him free. Your little colorful friend can then be found “swimming” around with the other virtual jellyfish. It looked like you were really watching little jellyfish swimming in the exhibit! They made the interaction of all the drawings looks like they were swimming around. Take a look at a few of our family’s fishy friends:

That’s my first jellyfish on the right.
My mom drawing her little jellyfish.
My mom set her little guy free!

Ahh! Pure jellyfish insanity!!! They had to pull me out of that room. I felt like I was a kid again. The activity was enjoyed by all. :) Of course we didn’t go just to see the jellyfish. We had a lot of fun looking at all the other animals at the aquarium too — the baby otter pups were so cute! After the aquarium we had lunch and were about to leave town when I just happened to remember *wink wink*  that there was a quilt shop in town. I’d never been to it (for all the million times I’ve been to Monterey) and I was desperate to go visit another local shop.

The shop is called Back Porch Fabrics. They’re a cute little shop right off Grand Ave in Pacific Grove, CA. They have lovely natural light that comes in through the high ceilings that really makes all of their wonderful fabric shine. Lots of Kaffe and batiks and lots and lots of novelty fabrics. You could imagine…it was hard for me to resist. I walked away with three polka dot prints, a cute novelty piece, and this lovely bunch of fat quarters…

I just fell in love with the colors. I mean, doesn’t it just SCREAM sunny/beachy/watery loveliness?! I felt like I was looking at Monterey summed up in a few fabulous pieces of fabric. I also found a great (and simple) looking pattern there as well by Gail Abeloe called “Blocks-By-The-Sea”. Fitting right?! I can’t wait to make it. Here’s a few other fabrics I picked up at The Granary to complete my set to make the quilt.

The ladies working there were sweet and we talked about the upcoming Shop Hop we were both going to be participating in — Shop Hop By the Bay. Overall, it was a great little shop. I will be returning there the next time I’m up that way. As always, I had such a wonderful day with my family! And I seriously can’t wait to dive in to this next project! I’ll keep you guys posted on the outcome!

Until next time…happy quilting! :)


2 thoughts on “Monterey Day Trip

  1. Hi Sarah. Thanks for visiting the Aquarium and for sharing your experience with the “Draw-a-Jelly” interactive. I’m the Manager of Interpretive Media for the Aquarium and your post made our day. Glad you had a good time and thanks again for writing about it.


    1. Hey Eric,
      Thanks so much for your comment! My family and I had a really great time at the aquarium. Thanks for creating such such a fun and interactive experience for people of all ages. Like I said, I aspire to do something as fun and engaging like the “Draw-a-Jelly” interactive one day with my knowledge for interactive design. :) Keep up the great work at the aquarium. I love it there!

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