Sneak Peek – Cats Quilt

Hey everyone!!

I’m so excited, I just had to share this quickly with you all today….

Look what I just got back from my friend Sharon the quilter this afternoon…


My cats!! I’m so excited!! Time to stitch on their button eyes (my sister calls them soulless right now without eyeballs – haha!), photograph, and prepare another lovely pattern for you all. Happy happy! :))

Check back here this weekend! I’ll have a simple tutorial on a cute quilt I’ve been working on…

And yet another big thanks to my friend Sharon!! You’re amazing! :)

Update: My cats pattern is out and ready for you to purchase a PDF download from my Craftsy site here or purchase a hardcopy from my Etsy site here. Hope you all enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – Cats Quilt

  1. Thanks guys! :)

    The pattern will be available in the next month and the sample will be hanging at the shop (The Granary) then as well. I can’t wait! So much great feedback so far… :)

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