Copycats Pattern

Ahhh!! You guys! I wish I could explain to you how exciting the last couple weeks month has been for me!!! If I had any doubts about this being what I’d love to do as a career..they’re all gone. I know I have potential…and I have all of you to thank!! I’ve gotten such amazing feedback in the last couple months from so many different people. I can’t tell you how much it all means to me. Thank you thank you thank you! :)

On a separate (yet EQUALLY EXCITING) note….

MY COPYCATS PATTERN IS FINALLY HERE! They’re fresh off the press and out of the digital box they’ve been hiding in until now! Ready for all you wonderful cat lovers out there to make one of your own. Check it out!!!

Copycats Quilt Pattern

I know…I know…if you’re not a cat person you’re probably asking, “So when’s a dog pattern coming out?” Duly noted. I’ve got your requests written down and I’ll be working on something for all you dog lovers out there very soon! :)

For now, you’ll have to order my pattern from my online store at or download a digital copy at my pattern store at!!! If you’re local I encourage you to stop by and purchase it from my favorite quilt shop – The Granary of Sunnyvale, CA!!

I love you all!! Thanks so much for the continued support! :)


2 thoughts on “Copycats Pattern

    1. Hey Julie! No, I didn’t. I was talking about my pattern business. I want it to be my job though…

      Every now and then I start to lose faith that I can do this. But the surge of good news and positive comments lately has helped me keep going. :)

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