The Pinsanity of Pinterest

Okay, so if you’re not already on Pinterest — you’ve ‘ought to be. I’ve mentioned Pinterest before..but I can even begin to explain my pinsanity with the site. — My sister can totally vouch how certifiably crazy I am too. She’s always commenting on how obnoxious the number of pins I have pinned is. I kind of agree…but I’d never admit that aloud.

Anyway, it’s such a fun site because of all the new projects constantly being posted on there. People are always finding new sources of pinspiration (puns getting old yet? yeah..thought so..) from out here in blogland.

I’ve got a HUGE pinboard of quilts I want to make one day. I know it’ll never happen — making all of them that is — but never say never. When I was really stumped the other day..having a creative mind block on what exactly I was feeling like making next, it was nice to pull up my pinboard and just pick something.

One of the first Pinterest projects I wanted to attempt to try was this quilt:

I had literally just bought a collection of fabrics from the shop that I just had to have one day and had no idea what to do with them. (I think almost any quilter could relate with me on that…) I just loved the orange-y salmon colors with the soft turquoise and cornflower colors. The combination was soft and the fabrics with the little boy themed fabrics were just too cute to pass up. Now it was time to find a project to do with them.

I’d been seeing these plus quilts popping up all over — magazines, project sheets, and then all over Pinterest. So I navigated to the site with the tutorial via this pin, cut my fabrics as stated in the tutorial, and gave it a shot. The author of the blog For the Love of George gave simple directions on cutting fabrics and has a little diagram for the layout. Totally simple and easy! Great if you’re looking to put together a quilt in an afternoon! Here’s my version of the plus quilt pin.

I’m so happy with the outcome of this quilt. It’s soft and boyish and just so cute. It’s also a bit more modern than what I’m used to making too, so it was nice to sort of step out of the box a little for me. Also, I super love the backing I found for this quilt. There are mini newspaper airplane fabric on the front and found some crossword print at the shop to go with it! Too cute!

I’m so excited that my first attempt at making a quilt from a pin from Pinterest, I think I’m definitely have to do it again. The inspiring quilts and projects are so great. I can’t wait to make another one soon!

Like this quilt? I’ve pinned several others on my Pinterest account. Come follow my quilt inspiration pin board here.


2 thoughts on “The Pinsanity of Pinterest

  1. Hello Sarah Rose,
    I just wanted to say a quick ‘thank you!’ for sharing your beautiful plus quilt with me — I have had lots of interest in the tutorial, but your quilt is the first result I’ve seen! It’s gorgeous and I’m grinnin’ from ear to ear :)
    Kind Regards,
    Lauren (from For the Love of George)

    1. Thanks for posting a comment Lauren! And it’s nice to meet another fellow quilt/craft blogger. I loved your tutorial so much I just had to post my find! :) Thanks so much for a fun and easy to follow tutorial. Glad you like my version. :)

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