In Time of Crisis

Last Wednesday at almost 10pm, we got a call from a family member about some crisis. I won’t get into the details, but a family member was in need of some immediate help. As my parents left to go attend to the craziness, I found myself alone in our house with my younger sister to wait it out.

My heart was pounding a mile a minute and I found I couldn’t stop pacing across the living room. I never thought people actually paced. When I normally see it on television I always thought — people never do that in real life. But there I was unable to stand still. I needed to focus on something to keep my mind from wandering to all the “what ifs?”. So I turned to my sewing machine.

I knew I had a few things on my “to do” list and this seemed the perfect time for a calming distraction. So I set up my machine and started working. The rhythm of my machine sewing the next seam, the cutting of the clippers…it put me in a different place.

An hour later, I was just about done stitching around some of my machine appliques for the BOM I run at the shop when the phone rang. My heart dropped as I picked up the line. On the other side was a very relieved sounding mother of mine — much different than the panicked, wide-eyed one that left here about an hour before. Good news made its way through the phone line, and all I could do was sigh with relief. I’m so thankful everyone is safe and in good health.

Here’s my October Block I finished that night. It’s from the book Count On It by Art to Heart:

October Count On It Block Art to Heart
Art to Heart – Count On It Block of the Month – October Block

My question to you is, when that fight or flight feeling sets in and you’re all wound up (heh, get it? like a bobbin??) with circumstances beyond your control, what is your outlet/distraction?


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