Still Pinsane…

That’s right. Back at it again with another attempt at creating a quilt I saw on Pinterest. And boy oh boy!!! I love this one!!!

The original pin (I pinned here) I super loved from the moment I saw it.

The colors the author Elizabeth Hartman of the blog Oh Fransson! picked for this beautiful quilt grabbed me and pulled me in. I avoided making this quilt for a long time until one day I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed a bunch of fabrics from my stash and sat down to do it. From start to finish…this was one of my all time favorite quilts to put together.

The selecting of the fabrics was one of the best parts. With this quilt I was going to allow myself to pull any and all of my favorite fabrics I could find in my stash. I know that sounds like that could potentially be my whole stash..but I really do have some fabrics that I love above all others. And believe it or not…….almost all of them were orange…..or turquoise. My two favorite colors of all time. It was magical…I’m telling you.

After picking the fabric, I started straight away on following the lovely tutorial here. Even when following her directions VERY CAREFULLY on making my first set of 9 blocks…I still managed to screw it up. I got the fabrics out of order and the awesome end result of only having one of each print showing up once in each block didn’t pan out like planned. :(

I quickly got over it…and remembered a few of my favorite things about quilting:

1) Almost NO ONE will notice that mistake……..unless you point it out to them
2) Mistakes like this only add a sense of character and charm to a quilt — and who doesn’t love character and charm?!
3) Nobody is perfect — it’s nice to keep that in mind sometimes. We all make mistakes…

Here’s the final product:

ORANGE!!! SO MUCH ORANGE!!!! <3 <3 <3

Did I mention it was my favorite color?

I was so in love with this quilt that I immediately took it down to the quilter the very next day to get it quilted. And I kid you not…my lovely friend Jody at The Granary got it done that very afternoon!! She’s the best ever!! Although I can’t promise her turn around time being that quick on a regular basis, I can promise you she does great work on our lovely long arm machine “Sewfie”.

I even used my leftover scraps to make cute alternating binding.

And am also guilty of totally copying her cute modern pieced backing…

Again, this kind of quilting was totally out of my usual comfort zone — as was the Plus Quilt (my last Pinterest find), but I loved every minute of it! My addiction to Pinterest continues to grow with all the great pins I find on there.

Overall, super awesome experience making this quilt. I can tell my family is getting a little annoyed with me because any time I have it out now..I can’t stop looking at all my favorite fabrics quilted together. It’s such a gem. This will definitely be one of my all time favorite quilts.


3 thoughts on “Still Pinsane…

  1. I lOve this! Do you usually have a quilter quilt your stuff? Lately I’ve been discouraged because I love piecing but don’t have the patience to get good at free motion quilting…it’s a relief to think of having someone else do that part for me!

  2. Thanks Aly! :)

    Lately I have had a lot of my work done by someone else. I’m not very patient when it comes to the actual quilting part of the process. I try to do what makes me happy and that’s the selecting of fabrics, the piecing of the blocks and the assembling of the finished top. I can manage quilting a small baby quilt or wallhanging, but a lap size quilt or even the patterns I design deserve a little bit more love and character than what I’m capable of doing. I am also blessed to have two lovely quilters who do fabulous work and who are great at what they do to help me accomplish an amazing end product.

    I’d say if you love the piecing part, like I do..don’t be discouraged to want to just focus on that. There are quilters out there that love and prefer the top stitching and quilting process more than piecing. To each his own. It’s nice to have that resource and those people are out there who compliment our strengths.

    If you’re in search for a quilter check out your local quilt shop — they usually have resources there if they’re not already doing it themselves like the shop I work at. Hope that helps! :)

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