Halloween Mantel Scarf

Hey all! It’s October and around our house that means Halloween all month!

My family has always been big on celebrating the holidays. My parents always tried to make every holiday fun and festive for the kids. With my mom’s love of crafts and decorating, that also meant a house filled with knick knacks and decorations galore. I remember when I was younger my friends would come over and ooh and ahhh over it all. It really was fun for everyone to enjoy.

Last year my mom found a mantel scarf she reallllly wanted in a magazine and when she went to order it, it was out of stock. So guess who she came to with an idea………….guessed yet?…..Should I mention she doesn’t sew?….Okay, you guessed it. Me! And she wanted a mantel scarf just like the original. The two up sides of me making it were that one, the mantel scarf would be custom tailored to fit our unusually sized mantel and two, she could pick out whatever colors/fabrics she wanted for it. I should also mention that she asked me to make this a week before Halloween. With a million other things going on at that time…like just getting hired to a full time internship, I was out of time. The mantel scarf didn’t make it to last year’s Halloween festivities.

Fast forward a year later. I was going through a stash of fabric when I found the special bag of Halloween prints she had chosen. I remembered what they were for and thought it was perfect timing to make it and have it up for the holiday. So we took out our measurements we’d calculated last year (luckily, I’d kept them with the fabric) and started constructing.

With only a couple hiccups in the process (I started sewing the triangle pieces into the top runner the wrong way…yikes!) it came out pretty nice I think. I do have to thank my dad for helping me with the calculations of the long triangle pieces. Yes, you heard me correct, my father helped me with a sewing project. Haha! He’s usually not as interested in my quilting projects but because we were working with angles and pieces that needed to overlap over a long distance (our mantel is 71″ long), it was a big help to have him there helping me out. So thanks again dad!

My mom helped too with the final hand sewing of the little black ornaments to the bottoms of each triangle banners as well as adding the two cute tassels that hang at the ends of the scarf. It was a family affair and it turned out super festive! Take a look at the final result:

The fabrics I chose are (mostly) from last year’s Halloween line by Clothworks called Gone Haunting (designed by Sue Zipkin). It’s honestly one of my favorite Halloween lines ever. I loved all the colors and especially loved the silhouetted pumpkins, cats, bats and fun words. So creepy and cute!

Here’s a few pictures of my mom’s set up with all her knick knacks and things too. I love Halloween!

By the way…those are fake cobwebs. ;) I don’t think my mom has ever been very fond of our 1960s original brick fireplace, but it sure is good for hanging fake spiderwebs at Halloween time. :)

I’m so happy with this mantel scarf and it’s special to have it be the centerpiece of our family room decorations. :) Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and that means I have a couple other ghoulish projects in the works right now so keep coming back this month when I share them with all of you. It’ll be my countdown to Halloween! I’m making a spooky owl applique throw pillow as well as a small haunted wallhanging.

Until then, Happy Hauntings!! :)

By the way, I’m linking up with Quilt Story’s Fabric Tuesdays Linky Party! If you’re new here, welcome and thanks for stopping by! :)


5 thoughts on “Halloween Mantel Scarf

  1. Thanks so much! :) The long triangles in front (orange, cream print, and green fabrics) measure 26″ long and the triangles in back (purple and black) measure 21″ long. The triangles were all cut 8.5″ wide to finish for 8″.

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