PIQF 2012

I know I’m a day late, but I’m here as promised to share with all of you pictures from last week’s quilt festival – PIQF. Yes! I FINALLY got all the pictures off both my phone and my camera, and there’s lots to share! So get ready…inspiration is coming your way. I love October…and not only because it’s fall, but because around here it means the Pacific International Quilt Festival is in town. I’ve never been to any other quilt shows but I’m told this one is pretty large scale. People come from all over just to attend — I’m so lucky it’s right in my backyard. Held annually at the convention center in Santa Clara, CA it’s only 15 minutes from home and I make sure to make a good few days out of it while it’s here. There are so many wonderful, amazing and inspiring quilts shown every year and it’s such a pleasure to go ooh and ahh over them all.

I spent Wednesday night (the festival’s preview night) as well as a good portion of my Friday afternoon there and took many lovely pictures to share with all of you. I also managed to do some damage to my bank account — but everything I bought I’m super in love with. AND I was just under the budget I set for myself..but we won’t discuss how much that was. ;) I picked up a few novelty prints (my fave!) as well as a couple really cute machine applique patterns (also my fave!). So I’m a happy girl right now. :)

Before I get to the pictures, I want to just say there were A TON of amazing quilts there and I loved so many of them…but I had to narrow it down, and even now…I still have a handful for you all to check out for yourselves. Please note, these are not my own quilts nor am I trying to take credit for any of them. I tried to make sure I got actual quilt names and creator’s names down to give full credit to each of these amazing quilters.

A couple quilts really stood out to me from the show. Here are my top 3 favorites from this years PIQF:

More than a Memory in this Old Tree – by Kathy McNiel

This quilt was by far my favorite quilt at the show. I think the combination of our love of nature and also how detailed and realistic this quilt looks won me over. Not to mention her amazing quilting! Examining this quilt closer you’ll see shadows of “memories” this tree and forest have shared. From a distance this quilt is a beautiful forest landscape scene but up close and in the details, this quilt tells a story and that’s also why I love it so much.

More than a Memory in this Old Tree – by Kathy McNiel

Can you see the two figures kissing in the image below? I also love love love the “carved” heart in the tree trunk. Just lovely. Other quilted “memories” quilted into the quilt were a Native American figure in the background as well as a wolf near the stream in the foreground.

More than a Memory in this Old Tree – by Kathy McNiel

All That Jazz – by Mary Kay Price

The use of color and symmetry, as well as the playfulness and imagery of the instruments in this quilt has me wanting to sing! My sister and I were captivated by this quilt’s fun design and detail. Just check out all those pretty crystals that really make this piece shine too! Love the piano keys at the bottom! Very well done!

All that Jazz – by Mary Kay Price

Eureka Quilt – by Fiber Art Friends (Rosalinda Brainerd, Pat Durbin, Edith Harmer, Diane May, Donna Parker, Maggie Stimson)

When narrowing down my top three quilts, this quilt had to be included. This paneled quilt is simply amazing. Walking by it on preview night of the show, it had me stopping to stare. Again, the beauty is in the details of this quilt. Every woman in the group made a panel of the overall landscape (which is a real harbor town in Eureka, CA I was told) and each quilted and created textures on their panel in their own creative way. The quilting on each piece is beautifully done and even though they all used different techniques and designs in stitching, it came together seamlessly — as if it had all been done by one quilter. This quilt was such a magical experience to look at.

Eureka Quilt – by Fiber Art Friends (Rosalinda Brainerd, Pat Durbin, Edith Harmer, Diane May, Donna Parker, Maggie Stimson)

Like I said, there were a ton of quilts I loved and it was such a joy to attend this year’s show. I’m already looking forward to next years show with great anticipation! The QR code quilt in the slideshow below gives new meaning to “New Age” quilting and the Ruffled Feathers quilt makes you even question if it’s all fabric and not just a photograph or painting of some sort. (It’s all fabric!! Really!) Also, my friend and co-worker of 8 years, Mary Kay Davis’s fun dog portrait “Shade” is amongst some of the best of the show (IMO) and is bright and fun as usual! So make sure to check out the rest of the photos I took from the show in the slideshow below. Enjoy! Hope you’re feeling as inspired as I am now!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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