Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival

I was going to share about our trip to the pumpkin festival in yesterday’s post about PIQF, but figured it might be information overload. And also, I knew that it might distract from all the beauty and wonderfullness of all of those quilts. So I’m posting about it today. Our family trip to the 42nd Annual Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival.

I’d never been to this pumpkin festival before but had always heard how much fun it was. So this year was my chance to go and let me tell you…it was a lot of fun to tag along with the rest of the family this time. It’s held every year in Half Moon Bay, CA and is only about 30-45 minute drive from our house. It’s one of my family’s most favorite places to go together. And even though it’s almost ALWAYS overcast there, we love it anyway.

So Saturday morning we headed out (I swear it was the crack of dawn) for the festival. We got there at 10 after 9 and all the parking areas in a quarter mile radius were already CRAZY packed. We lucked out and got the last spot at the local church one street over. It was so nice to just spend all afternoon just perusing through all the art vendors (I bought a couple pieces of art) and a grabbing lunch. The weather was unusually warm but beautiful near the bay.

After spending a couple hours looking at inspiring arts and crafts, listening to some good music and eating pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, we headed out for a local pumpkin patch to grab a few pumpkins. We had a great time picking out the brightest orange, nicely rounded, and smoothest pumpkins in the patch and loaded them up for the car ride home. The day was wonderful and totally put me in the autumn and Halloween spirit. The whole family (yeah!! — even my mysterious older brother that you never get to see — and his girlfriend) had a great time!

Here’s some pictures from the day:

The FamBam at the Pumpkin Festival (From L to R: My brother, Mother, Father, Me, and sister)

Bought a wine glass just for the pretty logo. I got a mimosa with the purchase too. Mmmm..mimosa. My fave!

My little sister and me. (We’re trying to put together a Smashbook — so we’re always taking pictures of ourselves places. :))

Pumpkins all loaded, ready for the car ride home. :)


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