Halloween Lane Quilt

Look what I just got back from the quilter!!! Eeee!! I’m so excited!

It’s my Halloween quilt I shared with you guys briefly a couple weeks ago. I gave it to my good friend Jody at The Granary and she made it even cuter than before. (I didn’t think that was even possible…It was. Haha!) I picked out a fun geometric triangle pattern and a variegated purple thread to coordinate. Here’s a closeup:

I love it! Just need to bind it and it’ll be ready just in time for Halloween. :)

In other quilting related news — I just got a message from my other favorite quilter, Sharon of Sharon’s Seams 2 B, who let me know the two quilts I sent her are done and being shipped at this very moment! You will all be the first to take a peek at her fabulous work. I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Lane Quilt

  1. I saw that in the store on Saturday and loved the quilting design! i’m not big on Halloween so the fabrics didn’t do it for me, but I love the design! Looking forward to your Mama Made Me Sew or whatever it’s called! :)

    1. Thanks Daisy! I loved the quilting pattern too. In fact, I went home and found these fabrics just so I could get it quilted with that pattern design. Jody had done it on someone else’s halloween quilt in orange thread that I had spotted at the shop one afternoon and I loved it soo much I just had to make my own. :) And I’m glad you’re excited for my tutorial!

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