College Tours and Quilt Shops

So it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been back from my long weekend trip to the Pacific Northwest with the family. We took a road trip up to Oregon to visit a few universities that my sister Alyssa and her friend Heidi are considering for college next year. We visited University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and Washington State University. It was a loooooooong trip, but a fun one. I’ve never laughed so much in my entire life…thanks to my crazy family.

The trip started out with us driving north through California and making our first stop in Redding where we had lunch and also visited our first quilt shop of the journey, Sew What. It was a somewhat small shop, but carried a variety of fun prints including this elephant novelty line that I just loved!

We then continued our trip up to our next stop Eugene, OR where we spent the night. The next morning we toured the University of Oregon campus on our own. The grounds of the campus were gorgeous and the old historic buildings were so pretty. It almost felt like being within castle walls with all the old stone buildings. After our tour of the classroom buildings, we made our way to the cemetery. — Yes, there is a cemetery on the campus grounds. And yes, I also know it’s a little creepy and strange that we wanted to visit it — but my mother is really into history and the cemetery was an old pioneer cemetery. It was actually really interesting to walk through and see all the really old headstones.

After our complete tour of the U of O campus, we were off again. An hour later we made it to Corvallis, Oregon to visit Oregon State University. We stayed in the car as we took a driving tour of the campus. It spread out over a large part of the small town and since it was still raining, we didn’t feel like getting soaked. After a 15-minute loop of the campus we were off again. We stopped in Portland in search for food…which we couldn’t find because we didn’t realize that Portland is a little “big city” and lacked convenient parking. So we decided to just head out to the other part of town to make a stop at another quilt shop on my list, Cool Cottons.

This place was AWESOME — I’m telling you! The name of the shop didn’t let us down. She had a lot of very cool, modern prints. It was hard to resist purchasing every piece in the store. After walking out with the following prints, I was a happy camper and ready for our next leg of the trip to Pullman, WA which would take us a whopping 5.5 hours.

I am proud to say I drove 2 of those remaining 5.5 hours — and did well on the long scenic drive following along the Columbia River on the Oregon side. The trees were all different colors and the mountain ranges on either side made for a pleasant fall drive. We finally arrived at the hotel in Pullman, Washington at 9:30pm and were ready to crash for the night.

The next morning we woke for an early tour of Washington State University. The town and campus were beautiful and our guided tour took us hiking all over the hilly campus where we learned a lot about campus life. As the afternoon approached, we hopped back in the car and started the trek out of Washington, driving down into The Dalles then up into the mountains on our way to Bend, Oregon.

That night was the most fun night of the trip. We played our favorite travel game, Catch Phrase. (I’ve mentioned it in a blog post before, here.) If you’ve never played it — you have to! It’s so much fun. The later it got, the more we went a little cabin crazy in the car, and the more we laughed our butts off because of our cabin fever. I’ll never forget that night…it was so entertaining.

The following day was our last day of the trip and included a 9-hour drive all the way back home to the Bay Area, but not before making a stop at The Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon — right outside of Bend.

My friend Mary Kay has always told me about this shop so I knew I had to stop there when I had the chance. They offer a wide array of modern prints like Kaffe and Amy Butler but also have a good collection of lovely batiks and awesome canvas fabrics. Their Kaffe ribbons, fun trims, and assortment of unique patterns were fun to look through as well. I walked away with two Kaffe dots and two patterns — Single Girl by Denyse Schmidt and Pin Pal Pets by Indygo Junction.

The trip was a long one! I spent 30+ hours in the car with my parents, sister and sister’s friend..but it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on. I love the Pacific Northwest!

Take a look at the rest of the pictures I took on our trip.

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4 thoughts on “College Tours and Quilt Shops

  1. What a great trip! I’ve been to Sew What and have always wanted to get to Sisters, Oregon – but it is so far out of the way….you are lucky to have such a supportive family to make all those stops for you! Does anyone else in your family quilt? My hubby is good about stopping at the shops for me and he often goes in to check things out. There are some great shops in Portland I’ve heard about….maybe next time…

    1. Thanks Terri — I know, they spoil me. It’s mostly my mother though as my father would never suggest stopping at a quilt store on a whim. Haha!! And I inherited the craft from my grandmother on my father’s side. You could imagine then that her first real chance at teaching someone was her first born granddaughter — me. My mother learned when she was younger but she prefers cross-stitch and painting over quilting. And I’ve tried to get my younger sister to join me but she’s too busy with her year round sports and school.

      That’s great that your husband will go in and check stuff out with you. My family will go in with me occasionally. My mother and sister love looking at fabric but have no desire to do anything with it. If your husband is anything like my father, he’ll analyze any one quilt notion and want to know how it works, what it’s used for, etc. Sometimes it’s better he waits out in the car so I don’t have to explain every detail to him. Haha!

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