Empty Spools

This past year, I was doing sooo much sewing that I did something a little crazy…

I saved all my empty spools of thread for AN ENTIRE YEAR! I started at the beginning of November of last year and collected my last empty spool last week. Here’s the collection:

That’s right! If you didn’t already count for yourself, that’s 13 large and 9 small empty Mettler thread spools. And that doesn’t even count the other threads I’ve bought this year and haven’t emptied yet. Isn’t that crazy? That’s lots and lots of sewing for one year!

I know it’s a bit crazy to have saved that many spools over a year, but I knew if I didn’t save them all I wouldn’t have kept track. I wanted to see just how much sewing I did over one whole year. It was amazing to find out I used 8,587 yards of thread this year alone!! I’m so happy that the year of saving is up too because those spools were taking up so much room. Haha! It’s so nice to have recycled them all and have them out of my sewing area.

I think it’s needless to say, but I’m so ready for another amazing year filled with lots and lots of sewing!


7 thoughts on “Empty Spools

  1. I LOVE thread! I can’t believe how many spools I have. AND I actually bought an entire rainbow of colors – 45 spools total from Connecting Threads earlier this year. Nice, big spools and they were $1.49 each – what a bargain! Now I don’t want to use them…..but I will…..I’m trying to use up spools that I’ve already started. Do you have any good ideas for what to do with the empty spools? I have quite a collection, too.

    1. I’m totally jealous Terri! 45 assorted colored threads sounds like quilters heaven. And that’s a good idea to use up old ones before diving into the new pretty ones. I always find myself with two of the same color threads, both half used. Ugh! I hate that!

      And as for an idea for the empty spools…I found a pin on Pinterest one day, and I know it’s a little bit more involved, but it’s just so cute!!! I kind of wished I’d saved at least ONE empty spool to make this gem…

  2. I also love spools of thread. They are as attractive as little candies. I want one of every single color. That’s not too much to ask, is it? I even love the spools when the thread is gone and I have a jar full of old wooden spools. Fun post, Sarah!

    1. Haha! I don’t think it’s too much to ask! One year for Christmas I asked my mom for an assortment of threads in different colors. It didn’t matter what colors, I knew I’d use them all. But she said it was too hard to pick from all the colors and gave me a gift card instead to purchase my own. It was fun to start a collection. Oh how it’s grown since then….

      And I love wooden spools! Have you done anything fun with them or are they just for display now that they’re empty?

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