Pinterest Finds

Ahh!! Sorry I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. It’s been a crazy time around here lately. Since getting those two quilts back from my friend Sharon…and one quilt binding to do for a customer I have a lot of sewing to do. And it’s not even fun sewing! Don’t get me wrong though, I like doing bindings on’s very peaceful and relaxing, but it’s not particularly exciting.

I’ve also been crazy busy at “work work”, finishing up a website for a client as well as starting a new one for another client in my freelance work, and finally…preparing to teach a class next weekend at the shop. Not to mention going back to “work work” full-time since being hired on as staff. *HUGE SIGH*

You can imagine my sewing machine is collecting a bit of dust..and we’re missing each other immensel. So to get my sewing fix, I’ve been looking through my Pinterest boards during lunch breaks and before bed and planning future projects once the chaos has died back down again. (Which looks like it won’t be anytime soon. But I’m crossing my fingers I find time over the holidays breaks…) So I just wanted to have a Pinterest Find post to let you all see some of the stuff at the top of my list that I’m just DYINNNNGGGG to do. Hopefully get you all as inspired to work on new things too!

First, I spotted this bag a couple of months ago and have been dreaming of making it for a long time. From the picture, it looks like it’s a nice size and I just love the shape it has. I normally love a longer handle on a bag but I’ve been wanting a smaller clutch-like bag lately.

You can find the original pin of the bag I pinned here. You can also follow by Bag Bliss Pinterest board here!

Just a side note too — I originally thought this was a free online tutorial post from someone’s blog, but it turns out it is a pattern you can purchase. — Not a free tutorial. But it’s all good here! We’re all here to support our fellow crafters and quilters anyway. So I’m totally game for this lovely bag. Can’t wait to purchase my copy and start making it soon!

Next project on my list is this lovely quilt I found a week or so ago. It’s called The Tempest and looks simple, quick, and modern. I love the way it shows off a variation of one color in different shades. I have a collection of greens I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with and think I’ve found the right project for them now. I’ve even already got it on order at the shop so I can start making it when my busy schedule settles down a bit.

You can find the pin for this quilt here and follow my board Things to Make – Quilting here!

Lastly, I spotted this bright modern quilt a couple of weeks ago as well. I’ve seen this quilt done a lot on Pinterest but it was usually done opposite than what’s shown in this pin — with the colored prints creating the zigzag effect and the negative space the diamonds. I like this version a lot though and was especially charmed by the name: Kite Tails. They actually kind of look like kites! Such a creative name! I’m really excited to start a project like this one.You can find the pin I pinned for this quilt here! And again, this quilt is listed under my pin board, Things to Make – Quilting!

*Sigh* So many thing I want to do…so little time. Such is life though isn’t it?? This I am learning daily….

Everyday I find something new on Pinterest that I just can’t wait to make! Like I always say…it’s such a good place to find inspiration. It’s also a good way to find such unique and fun new blogs for me to read all the time. I’m going to have to raid my stash now to find fabric to use for all of these projects. I’m still on my mission to clean out my stash! Pinterest is a big help in doing that.

Now if only I could find the time…………


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