In Good Hands

A couple months ago I had my sister and her friend go through my fabric scrap stash and do a little bit of clean up for me. I tend to get a little out of hand saving tiny little pieces of fabric, thinking I’ll use them “someday”. But I got to thinking…and after looking at my growing stash of fabric, I decided that “someday” probably won’t be for a very (VERY) long time — so to make it easier on myself, I had them go through it and say “yay” or “nay” on five bins of scraps.

Remember when I said I then had three bags full of scraps after that?? Well, I took those three bags, combined them all into one GIANT bag and handed them off to my mom to give to her friend at work who is also a quilter.

Just look at this bag!!!

Bag of Fabric Scraps Bag of Scrap Fabric

Not only was it nice to get some extra fabric out of my work space but my mom’s friend was so excited about it that she immediately sent my mom an email at work saying she just couldn’t wait to go through it all. She said she wanted to look at it all on her lunch…but would have to resist until she got home that night if she planned on getting any work done that day. Haha!! :)

The next day at work, my mom received another email and forwarded it onto me. It was titled, “Christmas came early…” with this picture attached…

Fabric Scraps

Can I just say…that email made my day. :) She had a little thank you note in it to me as well..but just knowing how excited she was to receive it all was just as lovely of a gift for me. And look how pretty she made them look all separated out by color! I’m so glad they’re in good hands.

Sometimes it’s hard to part with fabric as a lot of it is so sentimental — being put in quilts for our own loved ones, but there comes a point where it’s of no use to us anymore and it’s time to get rid of some of it. I’m glad she can use them to make her fun projects. She’s already shared a picture of a potholder she made with some of those scraps too! Check it out that fun quilting!

Pot Holder from Small Scraps

Feeling less overwhelmed with fabric at home and more overwhelmed with warm-fuzzy feelings that come with the season of giving. :)

Happy quilting!


2 thoughts on “In Good Hands

  1. Great job of cleaning out of your house and putting a smile on another quilters face. But i love scraps and do small/wall/mini quilts so i am a hoarder of my scraps!

  2. Thanks Vickie! And I think it’s natural for any quilter to be a hoarder of scraps — it’s just too hard to part with those small pieces!! You should see the stash I still have that I wouldn’t let myself give away though. I have plans for those special pieces… :)

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