My 2012 BOM

2012 is wrapping up and with that comes the end of the Block of the Month program I ran at the shop this year. We started with our first block last December and just finished up with our final block in November. The pattern we chose is by Nancy Halvorsen for Art to Heart called “Count on It“. It was one of the most successful BOMs we’ve done so far at the shop with over 50 customers joining in on the fun!

Take a look at some of my finished blocks!

Winter Summer Fall

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I picked out the first set of fabric for that cute little Santa. <3

All year long I kept wondering how I would finish my blocks. In the “Count on It” book, she backs all of hers and uses them as single quilted blocks to display in a cute wire frame. I had been debating throughout the year if I wanted to sew mine all together or just do what she did in the book. So this weekend I grabbed all my blocks, sat down and decided I’d sew them all together. I think I’m more in love with the blocks now that they’re all in a quilt top together. :)

Count On It - BOM Quilt

One of my favorite blocks – April with jumbo ricrac as an accent piece. :)

Count On It - BOM Quilt 3

I love Santa’s button holly berries too! The details in this BOM are just soo cute!

Count On It - BOM Quilt 2

You probably couldn’t tell after following my blog for a while — I LOVE machine applique!!! Haha! :) Like I said before, I’m so happy with how this beauty turned out! I’m so excited to get it quilted and celebrate the upcoming year with it in my home. <3


10 thoughts on “My 2012 BOM

    1. I want in on this BOM. Have posted on Pin, but don’t know how to find/purchase. Is this series still available? p.s. I enjoy your quilting style, as your blocks are large images in bold colors. Terrific.

      1. Hi Bernadette! Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately though, this set of kits for this BOM is unavailable. It was a BOM I ran two years ago. I will check with the shop and just double check for you, but I think all existing kits are unavailable now.

    1. Thanks Daisy! Sometimes it’s hard to commit to projects like block of the months that you know are going to take a year to complete. But on the plus side, I love that these applique ones are spread out over that long period of time. It makes it more manageable to complete each month rather than to sit and commit to an applique quilt of this size and detail in just a couple months or so.

      Also, it helps to commit when the pattern is just too darn cute to pass up. ;)

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