Busybody and a Birthday Gift

Did I mention how incredibly busy it’s been around these parts lately? I think it comes with this time of year, but for whatever reason it seems to be even more so than previous years…

It might have to do with me being back at work full-time, taking on yet another freelance website design project on the side, or agreeing to another fabulous year of running a Block of the Month program at the shop…but I’ve just been a little overwhelmed with a bunch of STUFF to do lately.

I’m trying not to let it all get to me though. Taking it all a day at a time. You can imagine how hard that is for me to do as I am a scheduler. I like to have a game plan at all times. It’s taken a lot of work to train myself not to go completely insane not knowing what the next day will be like. But I’m learning. Haha!

Anyway, this past month has been filled with plenty of events including my niece’s fourth birthday. One of my very best friends from high school sent me an invite to her daughter’s party and I only realized then that this year I had planned on making another quilt for her. — I’d made one for her when she was a baby, but decided she was getting to be a big girl and needed a little bit larger quilt.

So after considering what pattern I’d do — and listening to my friend’s NOT SO SUBTLE hints at wanting one of my Whooo’s There? Owl Quilts for their family, I decided it was time to get down to business! And only had (realistically) a week to finish it before the party. Crazy right? So I picked out some fabrics that were very similar to my original (as she was also dead set on it looking almost exactly like my original quilt) and got started.

Pastel Purple and Green Fabrics

Next, I traced all the pieces, mixed and matched fabrics, and cut them all out. Look at all those owl feetsies!!

Owl Applique Pieces

Then came the time to iron them all down and sew around all those hundreds of pieces. It’s always worth it though. Look how cute this little guy came out. I had to make him special as he was my favorite, so I decided he needed a little heart made from a cute pink check fabric. <3 Melted my heart….

Owl Quilt Block

I then made all of my trees, put on an inner border and went to the shop for outer border and backing fabric. I found a fun print for the backing that looked like feathers but came up short on finding an outer border. I guess it’s not really the right season for these soft pastels right now. Also, my friend can be a little picky on colors and patterns sometimes. — She’s very fashion forward and knows what she likes and doesn’t like when it comes to fabric prints whether it’s clothing or quilts. So I went back home to my trusty fabric stash and lo and behold…the perfect periwinkle purple fabric with cute stars in just the right colors to match my owls! The fabric gods were clearly sending me a message — USE UP THAT STASH!!

This was also one of the first quilts I’d quilted on my own in a while. So, as always, straight stitching and in the ditches of the appliques to tack them all down. I also did an echo around the trees to make them stand out a bit more too. Very basic, but very cute!

Owl Quilt 2 - Whooo's There?

The finished quilt!

Owl Quilt - Whooo's There?
I also tried a new technique on binding this quilt since I had NO TIME by the end of this project. I used the Quick Easy Binding Tool and got this binding done in a couple of hours – tops! Everyone at the shop has been raving about this tool and thought I’d give it a try and I love it just as much now too! Super easy I swear!!!! :)

If you’re interested in learning how to use this tool, my friend Julie over at The Crafty Quilter has a great little product review/tutorial on how to use the tool. Make sure you stop by and see why we’re all so excited about this fun tool!

Quilt Binding

It was a little chaotic at the party and my niece was getting a little worn out after chasing her friends and cousins around all afternoon and playing party games, so by the time they were opening presents she was kind of tuckered out and not entirely impressed by my gift. I’m not sure a four-year-old comprehends just yet how special a quilt is, but my friend was really grateful and said she’d explain to her later that I had made it just for her. :)

I wish I could say that the busybody I’ve been would be slowing down a little now that the holidays are approaching, but I’ve got another birthday party to attend next weekend and a million gifts for friends and family to start wrapping for Christmas. I’m hoping to take FULL advantage of the week or so off at Christmas time to do some quilting and be entirely lazy. ;) Soothe my soul and tell me I’m not alone in being super busy this time of year??

Want to make these cute owls for yourself? Check out my pattern – Whooo’s There? Applique Quilt over at Etsy!


4 thoughts on “Busybody and a Birthday Gift

    1. Thanks Julie :) Your tutorial was really helpful to get through it for the first time. It really is the best binding technique out there. I loved that I could machine stitch it down. It went so quickly!

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