Another Quilt Shop Carrying My Patterns

I know it’s been a while (again) since I’ve posted last. I hope you all had a lovely holiday season in the mean time. The fun is still continuing around these parts as my own birthday is coming up later on this week. :) Yay! (I think???)

I promise I’ll be back in a couple weeks time with a lot of new posts. That means more for you to enjoy when my freelance project is completed. Woo-hoo! Anyway, I wanted to post quickly because some really great news reached me today and it is very exciting for SarahRose Quilts.

I had an inquiry a couple months ago from a shop up in Alberta, Canada who wanted to start selling my patterns. Today Debbie from Whispering Hills Fabrics sent me a picture of my Lily’s Ladybugs pattern made up in a sample she made for her shop.


She also featured me in a blurb on her Facebook page.

It’s so exciting to continue to hear people enjoying my patterns. As a pattern designer just starting out, you can imagine how exciting something like this is for me. :) Very very cool!!!

Thanks again and a big shout out to Debbie from Whispering Hills Fabrics!


10 thoughts on “Another Quilt Shop Carrying My Patterns

  1. Congrats, Sarah, on your notoriety! You are talented quilter and it’s great your name is getting out there. I’m sure there will be more good things in your future.

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