Mugs and Teacups Quilt

Pinterest has done it again! I was searching about a month or so ago, found some really great inspiration, and couldn’t resist whipping up this festive quilt over the holiday break. Take a look!

Mugs and Teacups Quilt

They’re little mugs and teacups!

Like I was saying, I was on Pinterest one night when I spotted that Lori Holt from Bee in My Bonnet pinned of a variation of her mug block for her current Row Along quilt. Instead of the blocks being sewn into a row for her row along, the pin was a picture of 9 mug blocks stacked on top of each other. I thought it was so cute, so I pinned it (having a fascination with mugs anyway…but I’ll get to that later) and kept browsing.

The next thing I knew, I had stumbled upon the most adorable teacup block. Again, the teacups created by Jenn of Hambone and Jennicakes were all stacked on each other and sewn together into a little mini quilt.

Mugs Quilt Block

Teacups Quilt Block

And then it hit me….I needed to put them together and make a twice as cute mugs and teacups quilt! It was perfect!

So a couple of days later, after raiding my stash for fabric to use, I sat down to read both of the tutorials. The blocks themselves were fairly similar. The only difference between them was the technique used to build the handles. Jenn created a three-dimensional single strip that got folded and sewn into the seam. Lori created the strip out of two fabrics, cut it down, and then pieced it back together. In the end I chose Lori’s method to build handles for both the mugs and the teacups. I just thought it’d give the quilt cleaner lines. And let’s face it, I’d probably find a way to mess up those super cute three-dimensional handles if I’d even attempted it.

After deciding to use Lori’s technique to build the handles, I needed to do a little figuring to make the mugs and teacups match in size. I also had to figure out how to make smaller handles for the teacups. After a couple of test blocks, I finally found the right dimensions for both handles and cups. It was fun piecing these super simple blocks together, adding a bit of sashing and a few borders. It was a pretty quick project and just look how cute it turned out!

Mugs and Teacups Quilt

Originally, when I came up with the idea to blend these two blocks together to make this quilt I thought it’d also be really cool to add some pretty trims to make it really festive for the holidays. But after finishing the quilt top and attempting to sew on the trims to a couple of the blocks I found it just wasn’t looking the way I’d wanted it to. So I gently removed them and decided it was perfect the way it was. But it was also kind of sad because just look how CUTE these darn trims are!!!!

Bright Quilting Trims

I’m sure I’ll find another use for them someday…

I didn’t quite get the quilt done in time to enjoy for the holiday but I did, however, get to enjoy all my fun mugs and teacups! These are just a few of the many in my collection. :) I’ve always said when I move out I want a cabinet just for my eclectic collection of cups for people to choose from. My collection grows every year but these holiday mugs are some of my favorites. :)

Festive Holiday Mugs and TeacupsI just knew these two blocks by both of these designers were calling my name when I saw them. I’m so glad I just so happened to come across both of them on the same night I was browsing Pinterest. I’m not sure I would have had the idea to make this really cute quilt top if I hadn’t. :)

A lot of people have already asked me for dimensions of my finished mugs and teacup blocks as I changed dimensions from Lori’s and Jenn’s tutorials to make this quilt top of my own. I’ll make sure to post them this weekend so you can all enjoy making my take on their fun tutorials. :)

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