My Very First Quilt

The other day my sister came up to me and asked where we kept all the old photos of us as children. She’s a senior in high school this year and wanted to find a baby picture of herself to submit to the yearbook. So we pulled out her photo box and sifted through all the old pictures of us as children. After she found one she liked and we were finished perusing through her box, we set our sites on mine…just for fun. In there we came across a couple pictures that you’ll probably use as blackmail on me someday I just had to share with all of you.

They’re of lil’ ol’ me, making my very first quilt! Take a look…

Young SarahRose Quilting

Every year my family would go up to my paternal grandparent’s house up in Grass Valley, CA and I’d watch my grandmother sew away in her sewing room. She would show me all her projects she was working on and let me rearrange her blocks on her design wall. And when she thought I was old enough (and probably patient enough…) she taught me how to make my very first quilt.

Young SarahRose Quilting

She would sit me down at her old Bernina in her big, open sewing room and hand me pieces of fabric to sew together. Now that I think about it, I don’t have any memories of cutting fabric when I was younger. I just remember her handing me the next piece — pinned and facing the right direction to be fed through the machine. Every day we’d have a couple hour-long quilting sessions and by the end of the few days visiting, I’d have something that looked like this quilt. I’m pretty sure she was responsible for assembling the whole thing together in the end as well…because I have no memories of that either. Haha! But the memories of sewing blocks together were fond ones. Look how proud I look with my very first quilt top! :)

These pictures were taken in 1995 according to my mother’s handwritten notes on the back. I was just 8 years old. (And a very awkward looking 8 year old at that! Haha!)

SarahRose First Quilt

Today, my grandparents have moved to a smaller house near Sacramento. I continued to learn to sew from her over the years, creating several more quilts with her assistance. These days, her back and knee pain have made it nearly impossible to sew anymore. She’s moved on to crocheting which I believe she enjoys just as much. I cherish the memories of those years when I was young and still learning the craft. I’m happy to have learned so much about quilting from her then and so very proud that I can carry this wonderful tradition on and share it with so many others.

I literally have been sewing since my foot could reach the pedal of her machine. And I didn’t know it then…but the passion for this hobby lifestyle was born inside of me those few days visiting my grandmother and making my very first quilt.

And what a passion it has become…


8 thoughts on “My Very First Quilt

  1. Loveeeee. You don’t look awkward at all you were absolutely adorable!!! And I lOve that quilting is your “lifestyle” lol

    1. She is! I was also her first granddaughter. She’d had 3 grandson come before I was even a thought and I think she was VERY excited when she found out my parents were having a girl. She was very eager to get me involved in something she was so passionate about.

  2. Beautiful story – darling pictures – so glad your Grandma took these pictures of you! I can’t wait until my granddaughters are old enough for me to teach them, too! (They are only 1-1/2 now – twins – so it will be a couple of more years…) I have worked with my 4 year old grandson on some “hand” sewing. All the kids get involved if I dare to lay out blocks on the living room floor when they are around! haha

    1. That’s great Terri! Small hand projects are great for little ones. I remember my grandmother doing something similar when I was little. And your two granddaughters will be so lucky to have such a wonderful grandmother to share in this great tradition. Keep teaching them! You never know who will get bit by the creative bug! :)

  3. loved loved your photo with your first quilt……you were/are a sweet girl. Keep sewing and creating all those cute adorable patterns for us. Lori

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