Modern Bliss Quilt

I’ve been hard at work recently trying to whip out a sample for the shop.

It all started a couple weekends ago when I saw the Modern Bliss line in Vintage by Andie Hanna for Robert Kaufman at the shop when I was in working. I tried to fight the temptation of buying some the entire day; channeling that urge into making a couple of these lovely fat quarter bundles we call “Twinklers” at the shop.

Modern Bliss Robert Kaufman Fat Quarter Bundle

Too bad that didn’t work…it just made me love them more! So I grabbed a pattern off our pattern wall called “Trifecta” by Mountainpeek Creations, gathered the fabrics required and got to it! This is the assortment I brought home…

Modern Bliss Fabrics
Instagram photo.
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I added a couple solids to the collection, along with a small yellow print (that was actually from a thirties reproduction line) that I thought added character.

Modern Bliss Fabric Line - Sewing a Flange

It didn’t take me long to put together. The directions were really clear and it went together quickly with all the large pieces and strips. I think that center piece shows off that floral print so well. And I just love the large chevron on the sides. What a great pattern to showcase large print like this. I also added a small pink/peach flange to the inner border. I just felt like it needed a little bit more softness out in the border.

Modern Bliss Quilt - Floral Quilting Pattern

Jody at the shop also did some lovely machine quilting for me too. I picked a floral pattern that sort of mimicked some of the large flowers in the yellow floral print. I was even more in love with it quilted than before I handed it over to her to begin with. I love that feeling…

Trifecta Quilt by Mountainpeek Creations in Modern Bliss by Robert Kaufman

And in all that excitement — I forgot to take a picture of the finished product while I still had it at home. Sorry for the kind of clumsy picture. The quilt had to migrate back to the shop to go on display with the fabrics, so I had to have Jody help me hold it up to photograph it as best she could in the front of the shop. Did I mention how big this thing was?! Crazy big!!

I’ve been trying to step out of the box a little bit more recently and try some more “modern” quilting. I know this isn’t exactly super modern, but with the gray/neutral fabrics and the non-traditional pieced center, I think this is moving in a direction toward modern that I feel safe with right now. Haha!

SadieApple with Modern Bliss Floral
My little miss Sadie Apple looking pretty next to my Modern Bliss floral print.

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