Dog Days Pattern

Hey everyone! I’m so happy to announce that my Dog Days pattern is officially for sale today! Woo hoo!

Dog Days Applique Quilt Pattern SarahRose Quilts

It’s been a long time coming and it’s been hard keeping it on the down-low from all of you for so long. I’ve given you all a couple sneak peeks before it was officially ready but here it finally is! It’s sort of been the talk of the shop for a while now. I’ve had so many requests for a dog pattern over the last year, I just knew I had to do it. And I’m so happy I did!

The pattern is listed on my Etsy shop and will be made available as a PDF download on Craftsy very shortly. If you’re local (and a friend of The Granary’s FB page) you may already know that I dropped the sample off there yesterday and it is hanging at the shop with several patterns that are available for purchase as well. Get em’ while they’re fresh off the press!

Dog Days Applique Quilt Pattern SarahRose Quilts

All the dogs in the neighborhood are out and spending their dog days of summer hanging out around Sparky’s doghouse! Any dog breed is a possibility with a number of mix-and-match applique pieces that will let any dog lover build their favorite little pooch! Use machine applique to give each doggy a different nose, snout, pair of ears, tail, or fuzzy hair! This quilt finishes to 47 1/2″ x 51 1/2″.

Dog Days Applique Quilt Pattern SarahRose Quilts


11 thoughts on “Dog Days Pattern

    1. Haha! Oh gosh…that Paula started something! She MADE me sign the first batch that I was leaving at the shop. I gave her 12 to start yesterday. If you want, call in and tell them to put one on hold for you. If they’re out (unlikely as I just dropped them off yesterday afternoon), let me know and I can sign one for you in the next batch I leave with them. :)

  1. Love your ideas. :). I love the item your friend made with your scraps. I am a believer in fabric futures — I just love the creativity and talent that abounds. Keep up the good work.

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