Pinterest Find – Quick Quilt

A couple weeks ago I was in desperate need for some mindless sewing. It had been so busy at work and had about a million other things going on so I just wanted a project that I really didn’t have to think much about. I just wanted to cut up fabric from my stash (see, already mindless because I didn’t have to think about coordinating fabric at the shop), and sew up something I could get done in a couple of days. I must not be alone in wanting this kind of sewing on occasion right?

So I clicked on over to My Pinterest page for some inspiration. While I was there, I found this pin I’d pinned quite a few months back. I was so glad I had the patience to scroll all the way through my huge list of pins to find this one. I knew it was a perfect project for the weird funk I was in.


Super simple blocks in an adorable layout. I just loved it! So I grabbed a pretty little stack of fabrics I’d gotten back on my trip up north, added a large teal polka dot I had in my stash and a white Kona solid and got started.


The quilt top was finished in next to no time! I got it done in one evening. I was so pleased with it I even talked myself into quilting it on my own too. But that wasn’t too hard to do since I’d also pinned this awesome quilting design on my Pinterest that I had wanted to try out for some time now. And since this project was relatively small and totally manageable for me to handle on my machine, I thought I’d give it a try.


The pin described it as a herringbone-quilting pattern and I thought it would look really great on this super simple, big block quilt. Here’s how mine turned out. The quilting pattern on the front of my quilt almost makes it look like ruffles. It’s sort of soft and feminine with the floral prints and ruffle-like texture but also, dare I say modern…with the big blocks and straight-line quilting.

Modern Squares Quilt

The herringbone quilting wasn’t actually that hard to do but I hit a few snags along the way. I haven’t done too much quilting on my new Viking machine and was having a hard time trying to figure out the bobbin thread tension. I’m kind of bummed since I bought this fantastic teal Kona solid and really wanted the quilting to shine on the back.

Herringbone Quilting Pattern

Even if it’s not perfect, I thought it was worth sharing what I was experiencing. You can see little spots where my top thread is loose on the back. I asked a couple ladies at the shop their thoughts. My friend Susan who has the same version Viking machine as I do told me that she thinks the buttons on the front of my machine might help adjust that tension I was having a hard time adjusting. I’m going to have to practice on some scrap pieces to figure it out for the future.

Modern Squares Quilt

Such a happy quilt though! Overall, I’m super happy with it. I love love love the color combo and it was nice to not think too much through the whole process. It’s been a nice little breather of a project. It actually turned out to be a perfect size for a table topper too. I know the blogger Christine ( made hers as a baby quilt but I think I might just put mine out on our dining table for the spring season.

Sadie with Modern Squares Quilt
My pretty girl Sadie inspecting the quilt.


20 thoughts on “Pinterest Find – Quick Quilt

  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah! I’m going to have to try that quilting pattern. Thanks for sharing! I also love the colors on the quilt – totally yummy!

  2. Sarah, You did such a nice job. I really can’t see the tension issues, but then I didn’t stitch it, so I’m not critical. Sometimes when I’m having tension issues, I find that changing to a Stretch needle or a quilting needle really helps.

  3. Thank you for posting your quilt, it’s beautiful. I’ve had the same colored fabrics and have been looking for a pattern that would fit well and that i could do quickly. I’m so excited, i’m going to start it tonight!!

  4. It is very pretty Sarah. just blogged about a clever quilt using layer cakes you might like. There are so many things to consider in quilt making. Love your little furry kitty. :)

    1. It’s not something unique to Viking machines, ladies. Can happen with any machine. Most of Sarah’s quilting stitching is just fine but it appears to be an intermittent problem. May be some fluff caught in the bobbin spring, may be the needle is getting a bit dull, may be that the bobbin was not wound evenly or that the thread in the top has uneven thickness – there can be a plethora of explanations. If you honestly think it is your machine, seek expert advice at your dealer. I always keep a separate bobbin case just for quilting, and keep another bobbin case that I never adjust the tensions on. The quilting bobbin is fair game – I will tweak that tension screw as much as I need to for the project in hand, knowing that I have that other bobbin case set to “normal” when I need it. You should have upper thread tension adjustment available on any Viking machine – old or new. Don’t be afraid to use it. They wouldn’t have put it there if they didn’t want you to have the option to adjust when necessary.

  5. Just curious on how much fabric you used and what size quilt you made. Looking at a baby quilt and want to be sure I have enough of each fabric

  6. Wanted to make a quilt for a friend who is retiring. My sister saw this quilt and liked the herringbone quilting. Just finished the top which is done in black and white fabrics. Got it pieced in a day, we used 10 inch blocks with 2.5 inch white sashing. I love the way it turned out. Wish me luck with the quilting!

  7. I just did the exact same thing as you. I wanted a little quilt therapy this weekend and found the pink easy block item in my pins and today I was looking for a pattern to use to quilt it. This perfect. Thank you for the post.

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