April Block of the Month – 2013

What could be more fitting for Easter and the start of spring than having the April block be of this adorable little bunny!? Isn’t he just so sweet? Those cute little wiry whiskers give him so much character. :)


If you’re doing this block of the month or if you’ve seen it before, you’ll know that I changed the color scheme of the bunny block a little from the original design. The bunny from the pattern has a cute pink nose, but I really loved the peach background for this block (very springy looking) and thought it would be too overwhelming to have another shade of pink for the nose. So instead I went with a more natural looking bunny and made it a dark brown color. I’m very happy with him. :)


Here I am trying to choose thread colors to match my applique. I try to match my fabrics and threads pretty closely. I really like the fabrics and the cute characters to shine, so I keep my topstitching pretty subtle. I use Mettler thread for all my top-stitching. The range of colors makes it super easy to get a close match to almost any fabric I’m sewing on.


I always top-stitch my machine applique pieces down. Technically you don’t have to if you’re using fusible interface, but I think it gives it such a finished look. Here I am sewing right along the edge of the background fabric with a blanket stitch. It’s important to sew right on the outside of that appliqued fabric to get a nice clean “outline” on your block. I like to think with all of the appliquéing I’ve done that I’ve gotten pretty good at this stitch. I think I might do a post on techniques for machine appliqueing coming up to share some helpful tips and tricks to get a really nice, clean look to finishing your blocks. Look for it sometime in the next couple months. :)

And in keeping with the sort of springy theme of this bunny block, I thought I’d share a couple of my instagram photos with you that I took this weekend for Easter.


Even at 18 (my sister), 25 (me), and 26 (my brother) my mother still insists on making us Easter baskets. I love it. It’s tradition in our family…and it makes me really excited to find these Easter morning. Yes, even at 25, my mother still makes me feel like a giddy little child. I’m never growing up! Haha! Happy Easter and Happy Spring to you all!


5 thoughts on “April Block of the Month – 2013

  1. I’ve got 1 block done (except for the top stitching) and 2 in process. I’ve been vacillating on whether to use black for everything or colors like you are. Thanks to this blog, I’ve decided! Since I’m NOT an expert – this is my first applique – I’m going with the colors so they don’t show up so much. Thanks for your tips and tricks! :)

  2. LOVE how your Mom keeps in the spirit of things! Just imagine how she will be when she has grandchildren! haha I have 3 adorable grandchildren and it’s so much fun teaching them all the family traditions and such.

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