To Boston With Love

As usual, I’ve been super busy around these parts but I’ve made time this past weekend to fit in this special project. It’s called, “To Boston With Love”.

If you haven’t already heard about this project, it’s a really great creative effort being put together by the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. They describe the project as “a collaborative effort of makers to bring peace and love from far and wide”. The idea is to get all sewers, quilters and crafters to come together and create flags that will help give light to those affected in Boston after the tragedies that happen a couple of weeks ago. These flags will be hung at a public exhibition in Boston in early June 2013. There is more information on the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild website that spell out other rules and guidelines for the project as well as a step-by-step flag-making tutorial. There’s a very strict deadline for the project also, so if you’re interested in contributing it’ll need to be soon.

To Boston With Love

One guideline they’ve created is a “recommended color palette” of the following colors that will help keep the look of the flags bright and uplifting. (Color palette image borrowed directly from VMQG website.)

VMQG Color Palette

Here’s the collection of fabrics I pulled from my scrap stash to represent the above color palette.

To Boston With Love – Color Palette

Choosing fabrics for this project was particularly special for me in a couple of ways. First, it was an opportunity to go through all my old scraps and use up some of my small leftover pieces from other projects that I’ve had sitting around for a while. Second, the choosing of fabrics from my scrap stash was representative a something greater. All of the scraps shown above have been put into a range of projects over the years. So much of my heart goes into the making each and every quilt that I create so it was important to me that each of these fabrics, all touched with love over the years, needed to be used in the creation of these flags. I’m sending my love to Boston in more than one way.

Another guideline of the project was to create the flags with themes of peace and love. So I took out my notebook and started sketching a few ideas…

Sketches of Flags

First the idea of the peace sign was an obvious one for me. I decided to make it a “pieced peace sign” – the colors within the peace sign representing different people coming together to find peace.

Pieced Peace Sign Flag – To Boston with Love Project

Then I kept hearing the phrase “Boston Strong”. After doing some research it seems these two words have come to be something much greater than a simple phrase sports fans of the city use to support their teams. It’s a lifestyle the people of Boston seem to live by. I thought it was important to represent in a flag.

Boston Strong Flag – To Boston with Love Project

Lastly, I wanted to do a heart and within it an outline of the city of Boston, representing Boston being in our hearts.

Boston in our Hearts – To Boston with Love Project

I had one more idea for a flag that I hope to get done tonight. It will use a couple of techniques I’ve wanted to try for a while – both of which I found on Pinterest. I’m going to see if I can finish it up quickly and mail them all out early this week.

Flags by SarahRose Quilts for To Boston With Love Project

I can only hope my few little flags will help bring a little love, peace, and hope to the people of Boston.

If you are interested in joining the efforts of this project I encourage you to visit the VMQG website for more info.


9 thoughts on “To Boston With Love

  1. You are so thoughtful in all three of your flags. As a mom of a marthon runner, and cheerleader at the finish line, my heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy in Boston. Another fantastic job, Sarah!

  2. Love it Sarah. Funny we met over a heart pattern. No small coincidence. Passion speaks volumes and I love your ideas. :)

  3. Hi Sarah! I’m the president of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and I want to thank you for joining us in this project and making these gorgeous flags! I appreciate how you went through your treasured scraps and found just the perfect fabrics. It has been amazing seeing hundreds of people from all over the world joining us to send love to Boston!

    1. Thanks so much Holly! It’s such a pleasure to be a part of this really amazing project you all have put together. And what a great way for the quilters and crafters of the world to show their love and support through such a creative outlet. Looking forward to sending my flags off this week!

  4. I <3 the Boston Strong one! Would you be willing to send me the template for it? One of my friends was 1/2 mile from the finish line when she was stopped and will be running again next year. I think that would be a great thing for her to have on her jersey.

    1. Thanks so much Jocelyn! And I’d be more than happy to send the applique template I created to you. Send me an email at sarahrosequilts[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll send it off your way!

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