May Block of the Month – 2013

Another month is upon us and with it…this cute little guy!! My latest block for my on-going block of the month program at the shop is this lucky duck! :)


As with all of the blocks in this pattern, it’s the little details that really make these characters so cute. I love his little hairs on top of his head! And the indigo colored background just makes his yellow “feathered” fabric pop too!


After I finished up with my block of the month block, my next assignment for the shop was to get my Happy Hour quilt done. If you’re not familiar with our program you can check out more info here. Basically, at the beginning of each month we give customers a preview of the fabrics we’ll be using in the sample. They are not informed of the quilt pattern – it’s kept a secret until the quilt is revealed in a demo class at the end of the month. Customers who have decided to participate in the month’s program will get to pick up their fabric bundle and quilt pattern, participate in a show and tell of their latest projects (optional), see what’s new in the shop, as well as listen to a demonstration on how the Happy Hour quilt was put together. We also provide some great little snacks..and don’t forget the wine! It just wouldn’t be Happy Hour without it!

We try to switch up our Happy Hour projects between precut fabric bundles like jellyrolls, layer cakes, and fat quarter bundles each month too. This month’s collection I got to choose and we decided to cut our own jellyrolls.


I chose the awesomely graphic and funky collection above as well as a variation of tonal fabrics to coordinate, found a pattern I wanted to use with my jellyroll, and got sewing. And sewing, and sewing, and sewing…along with some help of the kid. (Who was not very helpful in fact…)


Then, the last Friday of the month I revealed this lovely quilt to the class!


Ta-da! The quilt pattern I chose was Pom Pom Parade by The Quilt Room. I’d never done a quilt with triangles before and thought it was a good chance to learn the technique with this pattern. It was super straight-forward which was great because I was really nervous to teach a new technique that I’d never done before. I’d say most of the work for this quilt top was choosing color placement. And even that part wasn’t very hard to do because how could you go wrong with this super saturated color palette of fun/funky colors like acid green, fuchsia, and teal from this collection?


I think it turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself. :) And one of the coolest things about this quilt too is how it almost looks like a kaleidoscope quilt! In reality though, it wasn’t. It was just the repeat on the strip that made some of these really great graphic centers. Customers were really impressed but it was totally unintentional which is even cooler to share with them! I’m really glad I had the opportunity to try a new technique. I keep seeing a bunch of other triangle quilt patterns on Pinterest that I’ve wanted to try, but always been too scared to attempt. This was a great jump-off point and I can’t wait to try another triangle quilt very soon!


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