BQ3 Quilt

Remember that awesome Timeless Treasures Foxy Owls print I talked about a couple of weeks ago?!?!

BQ3 Quilt

I just couldn’t wait to whip something up with it, so I dug out the awesome BQ3 pattern by Maple Island Quilts and got right to it. I’ve made a quilt using this pattern once before with a large floral print by Kate Spain and thought it’d work great for this fun large owl print. I love the angles of the two blue blocks and the contrast of the orange squares.

BQ3 Quilt - Closeup on Quilting

And as always, Jody from the shop got the quilting done for me so quickly. We tried a new swirl she’d just gotten recently and I totally love it! I like how it kind of mimics the circles of the owls’ eyes. Very whimsical. :)

BQ3 Quilt and Sadie

Here’s Sadie giving her stamp of approval of my quilt while I try to snap a couple of pictures before taking it to the shop. She’s always got to be center of attention, this one. Haha!


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