Constellation Star Blocks

If you follow me on Instagram (sn: sarahrose__ – that’s two underscores!), you’ll know that I’ve been working away on a project with some really fun fabrics from the line “Constellations” by the lovely Lizzy House. When I saw a picture of it on a fellow instagramer’s feed, I knew I HAD to have it.


The colors of the line are sooo pretty: blues, periwinkles, purples, navies and teals. The really modern prints are not typical to the range of fabrics I’m used to working with, but Instagram land has opened me up to sooo many designers I’d never known before, including Lizzy House. And let me tell you…her stuff is always really cute and totally up my alley.

As soon as I got a great fat eighth collection of the line in that I’d ordered I turned to the interweb for some inspiration on a pattern. After looking at many star quilts I thought I’d keep it simple and just throw together some stars using half square triangles.

Sewing HSTs for my Constellations Quilt

There are so many techniques on how to make HSTs, but I went with what I know and that was to just draw a simple line from point to point on the backs and sew on either side of the line. Chain piecing these little suckers made it go really quickly…but let’s not talk about trimming all of them! Yikes!

Trimming HSTs for my Constellations Quilt

And these were just the outer HSTs for the star block’s points!

It was totally worth it though. I always like to cut my original squares bigger and trim them down after the sewing because it ensures really amazing points and precision sewing. So as much as I’d like to not recall the trimming stage of this quilt, I’ve been very happy with the end result of these nearly perfect half square triangles.

Constellations Fabric | Half Square Triangles

I really love how the centers of these stars came out. I’m considering designing a quilt with these star centers as inspiration.


Here’s what one of the star blocks looks like finished.


I have several blocks done now and just need to jump on sewing them all together! I might even attempt to practice more quilting on my own again after the quilt is finished. I’m nervous but I’ve been wanting to make a better effort to practice. I think this quilt would be a good chance to explore a little more. We’ll see after I’ve put it all together. :)


Instagram Photo: Maisey helping out this time. Or not usual.
sn: sarahrose__


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