June Block of the Month – 2013

Can you believe it?! June is already here. It’s almost summer and that means beautiful weather and a lot of chaos around these parts.

First, let me share with you all my latest block of the month. It’s the dog block from my on-going block of the month program happening over at The Granary (thegranaryquilts.com)!

Dog Block of the Month block

Isn’t he adorable?! He was an easy block to pick for – only three fabrics! He went together really quickly! (Which was nice considering how busy I’ve been lately.) When I first saw that brown crackle fabric I thought it would be just PERFECT for this little guy’s nose. Doesn’t it look all leathery and textured JUST like a real dog nose? So much character!

As always, I’m having a lot of fun putting these blocks together. I actually finished picking out fabric for the rest of the blocks last weekend when I was working at the shop with my friend Susan too. She helped me pick fabrics for the next half of the program. I can’t believe we’re already 6 months in! That’s halfway done. Woo-hoo! :) I feel so on top of things now too.

And that’s a good thing too because like I’ve been saying, it’s been craziness around here lately. Mostly because…….

Fremont High School Graduation 2013

My little younger sister graduated high school this past week!!!! I still can’t believe it. *le sigh*

The family has been a little frantic the last couple of weekends getting ready to attend her graduation ceremony and also throw her a pretty big shindig at our house. We don’t throw parties often, but when we do they start growing in numbers quickly. I mean, we’re Portuguese…and that means inviting pretty much any person you’ve ever known your entire life! You can imagine how big the invite list got. It was almost a small-scale wedding. Not to mention it was being held at our house and THAT meant cleaning the entire place before the party on Sunday.

It also meant I had to finish sewing together this bad boy…

tshirt quilt

That’s right! A t-shirt quilt made up of 30 – 14 x 14 inch blocks from some almost all of her old softball t-shirts. Who’s the best big sister a girl could ever ask for?! *this girl*

Actually, my sister already knew I was making it for her. It wasn’t really a surprise as she’s been hounding me for months to make one for her. Of course I decided to wait until the last minute to get it all put together…

It still needs to be quilted but she wanted me to at least get the top done to show off at her party – which I did and the family just loved it! She loves it too and can’t wait for it to be finished already. I’m just worried about how much this thing will weigh by the end of it. Those tshirts are so heavy! Who knew?!

Did I also mention how super jealous I am of her t-shirt quilt? I started making my own t-shirt quilt right out of high school and never even finished assembling it. In fact, I can’t even find where I last put it!

Hmmm…off to search. Maybe you’ll see mine pop up here sometime soon.

If I can find it…


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