New Goodies

Since I’ve not done any sewing in nearly two weeks now, I’m in some serious need for inspiration. So I’ve been filling my time splurging on some really awesome new goodies like a few really great new quilt books that I’m hoping will to help motivate me to get back to my machine again. All three of these books I got at my local quilt shop recently and I love them ALL!

Quilts from Sweet Jane includes patterns to make quilts using precut fabrics. There are some really great patterns in this book. I particularly love the “Red Letter Day” and the “Modern Greek Cross” patterns – both of which are Layer Cake patterns. I’m pretty sure I have a few Layer Cakes laying around to whip one of these two lovies out. All of these patterns look like they’d be really fun and really fast to put together. I can’t wait to make something out of this book soon.

Simply Retro is Camille Roskelley’s latest book and let me tell you, it’s a really stunning book. I saw previews of a couple of the quilts from the book on Pinterest before the book was published and I was desperate to get my hands on it as soon as it was out in my local shop. As always, Camille is charming and tells a great little story that inspired the quilt as well as explains her idea behind these reinvented retro quilts. So fun! “Swell” is definitely at the top of my list to make from this book, but it’s hard to even pick a favorite quilt from this book. They’re all ridiculously adorable.

New Quilt Books

Sunday Morning Quilts has been out for a little while now but I kept putting off buying it. I thought I could resist but it turns out I couldn’t. The thing is, I don’t normally do super scrappy quilts so I didn’t know if the book would really work for me and the style of quilting I normally do. Turns out there were just too many really great quilts in this book to pass it up.

The “Sunday Morning” quilt pattern in particular has been on my radar for a while now too thanks to Pinterest. It’s popped up there a few times and I’ve never seen a variation I didn’t like. So in addition to purchasing the book I’ve also been on the lookout for what seems to be the latest trend in quilting, “low volume” fabric. I purchased these two bundles from Etsy and can’t wait to use them in my Sunday Morning quilt. I really love the subtleness of all of the fabrics.

Low Volume Fabric Bundles

I’m usually pretty picky about bundles (especially when they’re random fabrics from all different lines like this) but I just love all the colors and textures in each of these. So soft and soothing…

Low Volume Bundle

I especially love this splattered paint looking fabric by Jay McCarroll. The colors are just fantastic – peach, turquoise, olive green and hints of gray and black. This piece just speaks to me. Lovely, lovely….

Jay McCarroll Splatter Fabric

If all of this new inspiration doesn’t kick me back into gear on quilting again, I just don’t know what will. But don’t worry, there are just too many exciting new goodies to remain in this awful slump I’ve been stuck in!!!


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