July Block of the Month – 2013 and Vacation Pics

I’m not even going to comment on how fast this summer is blazing by me. I can’t believe it’s already July!!! But the beginning of July means it’s time again for my next block for the Animal Whimsy Block of the Month! This month is the donkey. :)

Donkey Animal Whimsy Block of the Month

Those two front teeth and big ol’ snout make him so goofy and cute! I love the way he came out!

I think Maisey was totally in love with him too…maybe because I made him gray just like her? Who knows? All IIII know is that she wanted to hang around the entire time I was making this cute little block. She went from sleeping right next to my machine when I was stitching, to practically laying on the sample while I cut for my kits, and finally….

Maisey taking over my BOM

…totally encroaching on my working space entirely! Until I pretty much was working just on the edge of the table! But I really can’t complain..because I just didn’t have the heart to move her when she looks that stinkin’ cute laying there like that. She my little quilting kitty. <3 She might have also been a teensy bit clingy this weekend too since we had just spent an entire week away from her (and my other cat Sadie) while we were on vacation on a cruise to the beautiful Alaska!

Welcome to Alaska sign

Our cruise was fabulous and Alaska was just stunning. It was pretty hot up there most of the time though which is pretty out of the norm for them. We got up to the high 80s most days walking around at each of the ports which was a little miserable, but it was all totally worth everything we got to see and do. We made stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and finally Victoria B.C. before cruising back into Seattle.

Ketchikan Harbor

We did a wonderful crab boat excursion in Ketchikan where we got to board a real crab boat called the F/V Aleutian Balad (as seen on the first or second season of The Deadliest Catch if you watch that show) and watch our guides fish for real crab.

F/V Aleutian Balad Crab Boat

They also went to an island where all these eagles nested and threw out fish. We got to watch the eagles swarm and snatch the frozen fish out of the water. It was an amazing experience.

Alaskan Eagle diving

Our next excursion in Juneau took us up on a tram to the top of Mt. Roberts where you could look-out over the water and see all of the neighboring mountains for as far as the eye could see. It was also up on that mountain where the weather decided to turn from super hot and muggy to storm clouds in about no time flat!

Storm Coming in Juneau

We were stuck up on the tallest mountain, in a metal tram, in the middle of a lightning storm with rain pouring down around us. I was so incredibly scared but we eventually made it down the mountain just fine and danced in the cool rain thankful to be on the ground again.

Our cruise also took us to the beautiful (and really tiny) town of Skagway. We took a nice leisurely bus ride to the summit and border where Alaska and Canada meet. We then crossed over into Canada where we spent about 2 minutes driving down the road before we turned around and came back down. LOL! It was so beautiful to see those mountain ranges though…so green!

Skagway Mountain Range

We had so much fun getting dressed up for formal dinners and drinking cocktails – things we never do otherwise. Also, we enjoyed playing cards on the ships penthouse lounge in the evenings. It stayed pretty light out until nearly 10pm on some nights. Overall, it was a really enjoyable cruise and a great family vacation that I will always remember. I definitely recommend an Alaskan cruise if you’ve never done it before. Truly a wonderful experience!

Formal night on cruise with my sister

Bali High Cocktail - Passion Fruit and Rum 10pm in Alaska on cruise ship

I can’t forget to mention too, that my good friend Julie over at The Crafty Quilter will be holding a Christmas in July Blog Hop coming up in about mid-July. It will be 7 projects over 7 days and I’m so happy to say that I’m going to be a part of it. Look for more details as the date gets closer. I’m looking forward to being a part of it!

Christmas in July Blog Hop


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