August/September Block of the Month – 2013 and My Best Friend’s Wedding

You can’t see me..but I’m covering my face in shame right now…

I can’t believe the last time I posted was a month ago!! Yikes!! But in my defense August was a very chaotic and event filled month. So I apologize for any of you following along with the progress of my BOM, but check this out…

August and September’s BOM blocks make a super cute pair!! His and hers CHICKENS!!

August’s block was the hen in pink, orange and yellow tones…

Chicken Animal Whimsy Block of the Month

and September’s block is the rooster in whites, yellows and blues.

Rooster Animal Whimsy Block of the Month

Don’t they make a great his and hers set of blocks? Amy Bradley’s pattern had them both as white chickens on different colored backgrounds but I thought it would be cute to do a girl hen and boy rooster to mix it up a bit. I love how they both turned out and it worked out well that I could post them both along side each other this month. :)

I guess this “his” and “hers” theme was very present on my mind recently because the reason I was soooooo busy last month was actually because my best friend got married. I was her Maid of Honor and had many duties to take care of over the last month in preparation of the wedding.

First off, I was in charge of arranging her bridal shower. Her wedding was country themed and the venue she was to have her wedding at couldn’t incorporate too many decorations and details as she would have liked to include so I decided to throw an all out Bridal Shower Barbecue to really give her what she wanted. I designed the invites, quizzes, games, as well as all the signs for the shower to be western looking. I also collected mason jars and arranged a backyard barbecue lunch for 12 women. It was a lot of fun but boy! I never knew planning and coordinating a bridal shower was so much work.

In addition to arranging the shower, I also had to make sure I had a gift ready for her. So I ever so subtly asked her, “Uhhh, if I were to make you something….you know…that I make a lot of….what colors would you want it to be?” She laughed..and I’m POSITIVE she knew what was to come but as a quilter it was important to me she got a wedding quilt for this special occasion. So I put this pretty thing together…

Morning, Noon, and Night Quilt

(Sorry for the crumby picture. I only just remembered to snap a picture of it
on my phone right before I wrapped it the day before the wedding.)

My best friend’s favorite color is black and she’s not traditional at all, so when I found this pattern called “Morning, Noon, and Night” by Atkinson Designs I thought it would be perfect for them; their two favorite colors in a modern setting. Also, I thought it was very symbolic — kind of like “his” and “hers” coming together and meeting in the middle. I even managed to sew a label on the back…

Heart Quilt Label

When the wedding rolled around just over a week ago, I was a nervous wreck. I was even more nervous than the bride! While we were getting ready that morning, driving over to the venue, and eventually standing in the waiting room before heading out to walk down the aisle…I just couldn’t keep it together. I’m pretty sure my best friend was regretting picking me as her Maid of Honor at that point as I was no help keeping her relaxed that day. She just kept asking me, “If you’re this nervous at MY wedding, I’d like to see you the day of your wedding!” I don’t even want to think about it…

The ceremony was just before sunset, outside at a golf course. The venue was gorgeous and we partied the night away. I read my Maid of Honor speech (which was what I was really the most nervous about all day) and it went over well but I was shaking like a leaf through the whole thing. I hope my mother (who just HAD to film it) buries that footage for a LONG LONG time. Everyone told me it was great…but I really don’t hope to relive that moment for a very long time. Haha!

Anywho…I hope to not be so absent this month now that the craziness has past. I have A LOT that I’m working on at the moment too! So check back soon!


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